assessment 3 blog post 3

blog post 3 in all i think my group went well and that we all worked well as a team and the failay end think went OK there were some parts that weren’t that good i think are side show didn’t show every think that we did so some stuff didn’t seem useful at all


assessment 3 end what i though about the website

i think that it a weird assessment and that its very small


assessment 3 blog post 2

blog post 2

with the group i think we are spending to much time on the little thinks not the big thing so were going to in depth in the website so i think this will get to big for

with the web site at the start we were going for a dark look but this was the most seen as to boyish and we wanted to a peel to a bigger group

assessment 3 blog 1

blog post 1

team work the team is working well i don’t think there is any big problems i do think that i could be doing more but know one ask for help and when i ask if any one needs help they say they don’t need help so i’m some what lift out

ive been helping with other with some stuff put not a lot

DES 501 assessment 2 blog post 3

how group worked

we worked well as a group we were able to complete the assessment relatively easily as we were able to assign the work out so that we could complete the task with lots of time to have to left over and to finch any think that would come up if we didn’t do


the Assessment

the assessment marking schedule made it very to see what tasks had to be done there were some thinks that were still hard to under started in the assessment like what had to go in to the assessment and how in depth to go in to some thinks like i believe in some parts we went way to in depth in some parts


DES 501 assessment 2 blog post 2

what we have done

  •  done the data Dictionary
  • website layout we moved the hot deals to the right hand side and then i ask to move the search bar to the right hand side but the group discuses this we keep this to the same it was on
  • then we did the website database layout and i helped with that with another team mate to do it and i help with what fields we need to do and what was an ID number and what was Required date
  • then we did share holders so we this the owners and then the users and then the developers and then the other company’s  like steam and GOG


hows the group going so far ever one is doing there work and if they have any problem  they message the group and if any think comes or if they have any questions

DES 501 assessment 2


  • As a group

I believe that we work well on as a team and that ever one has something to say and that every one can talk in the group as we are all the same age so we can relate to each other and can deal with problems well and we understand each other to and we are able to get to on task fast if we get off task

  • work load

I believe I could do more if my group as they don’t really say give me work  give me work to do so it makes it hard to

DES 501 Assessment 1

proof read the assessment and add more about what the business and what is ever person does and there roles in the business and how the business can do for the end customer and how the business does more than just the website they can help with siting up a business email and has 24/7 help with there website eg if there website goes does they can try and fix

props the questions were very vague and make no scene